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2nd May 2010

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4th March 2010

About Sarah

My first experience with gaming was playing Jet Set Willy (rofl) on my best friend’s ZX Spectrum at the impressionable age of 12. The Sega Mega Drive was my first console and quickly turned me into a hardcore Sonic fan, though it wasn’t until I got my hands on a PlayStation that I became a “serious gamer”.

I play most genres though obviously, I have my favourites. Silent Hill introduced me to the wonderfully terrifying world of survival horror and to the idea that games can have storylines that can completely immerse/intrigue/baffle you. Final Fantasy introduced me to JRPGs, and the concept that sleep isn’t as important as gaming. Finally, Tomb Raider is responsible for my love of action- adventure - and fuelled my archaeology obsession, picked up from Indiana Jones films (Raiders was clearly the best one, by the way).

Other than gaming, I’m obsessed with writing, web design, and salt & vinegar crisps. Most evenings, you’ll find me huddled over my keyboard, swearing as I try to figure out why a piece of code isn’t doing what I’m asking it or huddled over my controller, swearing as I try to figure out why I just died for the 15th time (any FPS EVER).

My reviews/articles can be found on GGS Gamer where I am eagerly honing my skills as a professional writer.